Exshaw Pump Tracks - Exshaw, AB

Exshaw might be best known for the gigantic cement plant that exists smack in the middle of the village. Often overlooked with Canmore just down the highway, Exshaw might not be first on the list of places to stop. However, a small group of locals who don’t always want to drive to Canmore to ride have created their own riding scene. With the help of the Municipal District of Bighorn and the realization that people on bikes is key to a healthy community, a project to build not one but two pump tracks, a cross country trail (trail reroute of a unsustainable path folks were forced to push up) and a flow trail was born.

Having worked in Canmore on multiple projects, Hoots Inc. was invited to Exshaw to design and build a unique, fun ride area with its own distinct flavor. With a surrounding view of the Rocky Mountains, the location of the trails and pump tracks compliments recreation and industry, exemplifying what makes Exshaw such a great community.

Advanced Pump Track

Local Tracy, testing out the pump track on her lunch hour, that is conveniently located behind her office!

Panorama of Site

The location of the pump track created a unique combination of industry, recreation and nature.

Advanced Pump Track - Jay Hoots

Jay Hoots getting steezy on the berms.

Flow Trail

The Flow Trail is short and sweet but offers some fun opportunities to get funky.

Small Pump Track

Jay Hoots, riding the beginner pump track, unfortunately it was washed away during the floods, with a large portion of the creek bank.

Unfortunately, the disastrous floods in Southern Alberta last month claimed the lower section of this project including the small pump track. Hopefully, in time the community will be able to rebuild, however, there are understandably many other projects that will take priority in order to return this quaint little mountain community back to normal.  We wish the very best to Exshaw in their restoration efforts and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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