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In 2013, the Town of Fox Creek contracted Hoots to develop a Trails Master Plan with the Nordic & Trail Club to provide a broad range of trail and recreation experiences on Town land. After significant public input, a Master Plan was developed outlining the many benefits of multi-user trails alongside bike facilities including enhancing quality of life, embracing of non-traditional sport, and economic diversification opportunities.

The following year with grants, monetary and ‘in kind’ donations, the Club worked with Hoots to design and construct 6km of multi-use trail adjacent to the visitor center, with prep work completed for a 3.5 acre bike park. Then in 2015, Hoots designed and constructed another 2km of connecting XC trail, rebuilt a 1km multi-use Town Trail and completed the Bike Park build with a mini Flow Trail. Ultimately, the Fox Creek trails and bike park development have been well received with plans underway to expand and develop a 1km Flow Trail, 1.5km up track from the Bike Park, and 3.5km multi-use XC trail.

Hoots provided a full range of design-build services that included community consultation, collaborative planning, and working with volunteers to develop sustainable trails and bike park facilities that integrate and celebrate nature and the outdoors. The various trails wind playfully through the woods and meander along the upper Creek, while the bike park offers a range of progressive ride components including start / return drop zone, pump tracks, jump lines, skills zone, wall ride and technical balance features, alongside BMX, slopestyle and mini Flow Trail.

Hoots also worked with the Alberta ESRD (Environment and Sustainable Resource Development) to develop 3km of trails directly beside Fox Creek, a Walleye Fish spawning area. A total of 11km of Walleye spawning creek exists in Alberta, of which 6km lies in Fox Creek. Design and installation of trail facilities involved careful review and assessment of environmental sensitivities, and sustainable design solutions and innovative construction techniques to minimize impacts and address any environmental disturbances.

(photos courtesy of Club, L.Mae & Hoots)

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