Glen Eagles, West Vancouver, BC


West Vancouver neighbours frustrated with skate board and bike riders using the local tennis courts as ride areas, waited anxiously over a three year period being brought in and out of meetings on how to create a all encompassing recreation experience for the kids but slow solutions created more frustration from the local community.

Presentations were made to include a ‘Adventure Park’ outside of the local Recreation building which included a skateboard park, bike park and climbing wall. Council agreed and started funds allocation but timing was still a issue so a interm bike park was built for one season to see how it would be accepted and to monitor risk. Neighbours were pumped and came out in record numbers to support the decision!

After a unprecedented successful first year the bike park was torn down and skate park infrastructure was built. West Vancouver brought Hoots in to work Skills park magic and all features built for phase one were incorporated into a far different footprint that reached around the skate park.  Hoots work collaboratively with both landscape architect Vander Zalm and Associates and New Line Skate Parks to keep constructions costs low and to design and create a top shelf product.

With several challenges at hand the decision was made not to follow thru with the climbing complex and both skate and bike parks were built on time for a very successful park community day celebration!

Glen Eagles recreation center includes a state of the art building, Skateboard and Skills parks all nestled on the western side of the municipality adjacent to the community golf course. Glen Eagles Skills Park is considered to be the original benchmark for Skills Park opportunity and has been in dozens of articles world wide including the IMBA ‘Managing Mountain Biking’ resource manual.

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