Happy Creek Trail, Boardwalk Rehabilitation - Hinton, AB


Continuing from trail rehabilitation work that Hoots completed in 2011, Jay and the crew returned to Hinton and together with the Hinton Mountain Bike Association, embarked on the ambitious task to remove all existing 470 feet of old, dilapidated boardwalk and replace with completely new that would sit several inches higher for improved drainage flow.

Bridge materials and construction techniques matched the previous updated bridges on Happy Creek, curving and aligning as closely as possible to the original bridge layout. Replacing the existing dilapidated bridge presented a tough challenge being located over environmentally sensitive marsh-wetland area. It was decided that a combination of providing wider, more elevated bridging that integrated geo-textile would work best to create a sustainable new boardwalk. Footings were set on geo-textile materials on top of plastic footings to create the raised boardwalk which translated into better drainage opportunity.

Boardwalk construction took place late summer into fall 2015 and once complete, all old materials were carefully exported 3.5km out of the wetland bush and disposed of with minimal disturbance. Remaining budget dollars were directed to entrance / exit repairs for bridges on the Happy Creek Trail, as well as signage installation, and quad / trail management.

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