Hinton Bike Park - Hinton AB

After years of watching outdoor enthusiasts drive west through Hinton on route  to Jasper to spend valuable tourist dollars, one city councilor and a group of mountain bikers got together to create a Mountain Bike Club developing and organizing the city of Hinton as a destination area, offering mountain biking opportunities that Jasper and other local areas did not have.

Hinton, Alberta is the first Alberta municipality to have a full scale mountain bike park, including trails system, a comprehensive skills area, jump park and parking.  Skills trails, downhill trails and access trails loops that tie in with current cross country trails all start in the Skills park and through progression based features lead riders further out into more natural areas.

With a dynamic club and enthusiastic supportive council, the Hinton Mountain Bike Association worked with Hoots to develop a multi year development plan that would tie into existing infrastructure and other localized trails to enhance the neighborhoods it bordered.

Hinton’s Skills Park combined with a series of trails throughout the community diversifies it’s experience offering from Jasper creating a magnet for tourism dollars without creating competition with its neighbor.

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