Island 22 Bike Park - Chilliwack


April 20th was the official Grand Opening of the Island 22 Bike Park, located in the Island 22 Regional Park north of Chilliwack. The riders didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits and with a jumbotron, music and riders like Ben Glassen showing up to wow the crowd, it was a celebration well received by the community!

Completion of the Island 22 Bike Park proved challenging but well worth the effort. Nestled between the Fraser River and Fraser Valley District dyke system, the park is in a beautiful location, full of healthy cedars and opportunity to explore.

Initiated by the City of Chiliwack, with land provided by the Fraser Valley Regional District, the Island 22 Bike Park from the beginning has been a project meant to cater to a large riding community throughout the greater Chilliwack area.

The initial design phase of the project saw a number of riders come out to give their input. It was clear in the beginning that big jumps were going to be a part of this park. Norco Factory Team Rider, Sam Dueck, was integral in the design phase of the park.

With a limited budget and a tight timeline, creativity played a large role in the construction of this park. Many of the wooden features were built using cedars that had to be cut down in the park for safety reasons. Many hours of peeling and building, resulted in features that created a very natural feeling throughout the park.

The construction of the Island 22 Bike Park has been quite a ride! With an unusually wet Spring in early 2012, a flooded Fraser River in June and an unseasonally wet Fall in October, the park was built in phases in order to allow time for the site to dry!

Despite the challenges during the build phase, the completed bike park is a valuable amenity for the community of Chilliwack and the surrounding area. The bike park includes a multi-use trail that borders the entire park and offers a view of the Fraser River. The skills area, drop zone, pump track and progression jumps offer a challenge for every skill level.

With an advanced riding community in the area, the double black diamond, trick jump line is for those more experienced on their bikes and the sand jump is for those wanting to try out new tricks but have a softer landing!

Hoots Inc. is so proud of this park and excited to see how it has been embraced by the riding community! Remember to let the park dry after rain before you ride!

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