South Bear Creek Bike Park, GP, AB


In 2017, the City of Grande Prairie put out a proposal request for the design-build of a Bike Skills facility at South Bear Creek Park, redeveloping on the existing BMX track site and expanding upon the multi-use trail network. Following award, Jay Hoots and NAK Design Strategies collaborated with the City to host an Open House and garner input from the community to help shape the preliminary concept design presented by Hoots Ltd. and provide for a comprehensive bike park with skills nodes, features and trails that speak to all users and cater to all ages and abilities.

From meetings with City staff and feedback from local clubs, riders, park users and the community alongside public input survey, a detailed design package was prepared by Hoots Ltd. over winter-spring 2018. With funding, sponsorship and donation support secured, development plans moved forward with Jay and the Hoots Crew going to work on the construction of the bike facility in late summer 2018, 

Integrating with the site, making use of local resources and natural materials, and working closely with the community and volunteers, the Bike Skills Park was completed in fall 2018 and includes start / return hill with spectator landing, progressive jump lines from beginner to advanced, combined multifaceted pump track, and wood skills balance area for all levels. As well, additional connecting multi-use trails around the Bike Park and extending into the surrounding woods and open areas to the west have been built and include several optional wood skills riding features. Plans for phase 2 development is in the works and will include completion of intermediate Flow Line Jumps.

Ultimately, the South Bear Creek - Bike Skills Park and Trails benefit all user groups, appealing to all ages and rider levels in a safe, family-friendly environment. Check out before and after construction footage with volunteers and the Hoots Crew test riding the pump track and shredding the jump lines at this exciting new facility!

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