Sunnyside Bike Park - Toronto, ON


Development of Sunnyside Bike Park started in fall 2012 following conversation in 2011 with the City of Toronto and Victor Ford & Associates landscape architecture firm who reached out to Jay for his services. Jay worked in collaboration with the Toronto Off-Road Bicycle Association (TORBA) and the local City Councillor to host public meetings and consultation with members, the community and interested parties on the design.

The site, located between busy roadways and railway lines, was initially slotted for parking. However, with increasing concern towards unauthorized dirt jumps being built nearby, the creation of a legal urban bike park with direct community input was conceived. The innovative recreational facility continues to be well appreciated by local residents, riders and visitors coming from outside the community even before its official opening in fall 2014.

Construction of the bike park began in fall 2012 and was completed 2 years later. Working with TORBA and Victor Ford & Associates in coordination with the City and Forestry Department, Sunnyside Bike Park hosts a broad and diverse range of components including 3 pump tracks, start deck with drops, jump lines, wall ride and elaborate wood and rock skills circuit with much of the material locally sourced.

Salvaged trees from the 2013 ice storm in Toronto provided wood for the skills features, while the blend of clay based dirt was brought in from a downtown development. The facility is further supported by park amenities, alongside naturalized areas and greenspace providing shade and attractive buffering from adjacent traffic.

Check out live footage and the web portal with overview of Sunnyside Bike Park, volunteer opportunities, updates and links to extensive media coverage including Toronto Star, Global and CBC News alongside local outlets!

(photos courtesy of, & Hoots)

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