Whitecourt Bike Park - Phase 1 of 4


Since forming in 2011, the Whitecourt Mountain Bike Association (WMBA) has been dreaming about having a Bike Park in Town. Recognizing the interest and demand for such a recreation facility, and benefits it would bring to Whitecourt as a popular attraction for locals and visitors, the WMBA outreached extensively and garnered support, funding and in-kind donations from the Town, Woodlands County and a variety of other local businesses to bring their dream to fruition.

In 2016, with support in hand and several years of communications with Hoots Ltd., WMBA and the Town worked with Jay to develop a comprehensive Bike Park design that would accommodate all skill levels and user groups. Located in the southwest area of town, the 11 hectare park will be implemented in 4 phases connecting to local recreational trails and park facilities, and comprising of a diverse range of features based on community consultation / input. These include various jump lines and features, multiple pump tracks and skills areas, alongside flow trails, cross-country and multi-use trails; and with beginner-intermediate facilities located nearer to the start of the park and more advanced-expert further into the park.

In 2017, Phase 1 of the Whitecourt Bike Park was completed and houses a start ramp / return built into the hillside with beginner to advanced wood drops, entry jumps and berms that take riders into a series of progressive jumps and advanced semi gap jumps line, with return / end berm and pump rollers. A 1.5km long multi-use natural surface trail was also built that winds through the woods and traverses the varied terrain with series of boardwalk and bridge crossings over the creek / wet areas, and connecting to existing trails.

Throughout June and July 2017, enthusiastic locals and volunteers worked alongside the Hoots crew to help prepare the site and install the various dirt and wood features, employing sustainable, resourceful construction methods and gaining further skills / knowledge in creating durable facilities that support and complement the local environment and surrounds. Alongside enjoying the new Bike Park, the WMBA and community continue in their efforts and contributions recently installing wood fencing alongside park amenities, with the grand opening slotted for September 9th to celebrate their exciting new recreation facility!

(photos courtesy of Hoots Ltd / WMBA members)

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