Pump Tracks

Pump tracks are a series of rhythmic rollers placed in a circuit format providing wheeled fun for kids and a perpetual motion machine for riders that figure out how to get momentum from ‘pumping’ each roller to continue around the track without pedaling.

Pump tracks provide initial progressions into the world of cornering, momentum and speed control, enhancing basic bike handling Skills through a safe low risk track. These tracks also offer handling Skills that prepare riders for jumping and trail riding.Construction practices predominately include the use of dirt however tracks can include rock, wood, asphalt and concrete. Pump Tracks come in a variety of closed loop layouts and can be incorporated into trails or destination pathways. Tracks can fit footprints of all sizes and layout, are easily built, environmentally friendly and easily naturalized for esthetics.

Pump tracks provide communities ‘free’ opportunity to educate and experience bike riders, especially children, in a structured, safe and managed low risk area. They offer gathering points for neighbors and members of the community to take part in healthy activity and can provide revenue generation for Parks and Rec programming.

Pump tracks contribute to risk management solutions for unauthorized jumps and features in municipalities with ever increasing removal budgets and provides great opportunities for public, private partnership and non profit, volunteer club involvement.

With over fifteen different pump tracks built in both wood and dirt, HOOTS INC. brings rhythm and flow to every project no matter what size of scope. Offering consultation globally on the pump track phenomena, Hoots leads the way in track development in North America.

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Pump tracks provide initial progressions into the world of cornering, momentum and speed control


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