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Stones in the urethra - a solid formation of various sizes, which are located in the urethra. They can be formed in the urethra, but most fall into the urethra descending way from the bladder, ureters or kidneys.

Epidemiology of stones in the urethra

The stones in the urethra can be secondary and primary. Primary education formed the background of other diseases of the genitourinary system or intestines. At a large gathering or a large-scale stone gets stuck in the urethra that causes severe pain. Concrements can partially or completely block the flow of urine, which provokes an incomplete emptying of the bladder. Also prolonged presence of stones in the urethra leading to complications in the form of a fistula, urinary incontinence, or inflammatory processes.


Symptoms of the disease may be very different, as it depends on the personal characteristics of the body and the location of formations.

The patient complains of pain in the abdomen, which is given in the crotch. Greatly complicates the flow of urine, which in severe cases leads to a complete voiding. A large number of smaller entities provoke a full or partial incontinence.

When placing the stones behind a person experiences discomfort when walking or seated. It is also possible fever, chills and fatigue without any external cause.


The stones in the urethra in men even found on palpation. Women helping gynecological examination, as concretions be felt through the vaginal wall.

To obtain a more complete picture is used:


review pictures;



There are several treatments stones in the urethra.

Remove with tweezers;

Remove with tongs during ureteroscopy;

Moving to the bladder and consequent fragmentation;

Operative intervention in the presence of large stones and a large gathering.

After removing the stones patient is prescribed a special diet for the prevention of recurrence of the disease.

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