Building Bike Parks, Trails and Pump Tracks is OUR SPECIALTY.

Hoots Inc. understands private public partnerships, community involvement and the growing need for non traditional sport infrastructure. Hoots Inc. leads the world in bike skills park development and continues working with partners globally while accomplishing over 50 national projects that include bike parks, trails, and pumptracks. Multiple trail projects from access and hiking to all types of bike related projects are a Hoots Inc. specialty. Years of experience and high level technical design with both skills features and GIS/GPS mapping Hoots Inc. also has a long series of experienced professional partners from riders to licensed landscape architects.


"Working with Jay Hoots and his crew over the last few years has been a great experience.  Jay basically created the international standards and best practices for bike park development and is working with IMBA to literally write the book about them.  He is very knowledgeable and willing to work with the municipality, not only on the creation  of the park, but on mitigating liability and instructing parks staff and volunteer groups on park maintenance and inspection and even running jump clinics.  Hanging our community’s name on a brand like Bike Town Alberta, meant that we not only needed to be the first bike park in the region, we needed it to be the best.  We checked in with the cycling community to see who they recommended build the park, unanimously they said Jay Hoots.  Building this park was our first major product after adopting the brand, there was a lot on the line as the cycling world watched to see if we were going to live up to the hype. We are very pleased with the park, the cycling world loves it and thanks to Jay’s efforts we now feel that we can own our brand."

-Janet Guthrie (Town of Devon Community Projects Coordinator)

Leader in the design of community based bike parks and trail systems.

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