Gear Jammer Trail, SFU-Burnaby, BC


In early spring 2014 Hoots was secured to assess trail maintenance work for Gear Jammer – a popular mountain bike trail connecting the upper campus area to the lower trails of Burnaby Mountain, and also used by hikers, runners and dog walkers alongside the Burnaby Mountain Biking Association.

The top section, aka Upper Gear Jammer, is an intermediate level Flowy single track nearly 400m long with a few challenging drops and ride around options. Meanwhile, Lower Gear Jammer is an advanced downhill / all-mountain level trail nearly 700m long with steeper descents and a few rollable drops. Both include a ladder bridges, wood planks, boardwalk and rockery to cross over drainage areas and help limit erosion.

Through a series of site reviews, Hoots determined that significant rehabilitation work would be needed to address the extensive erosion and water runoff facing the trail from heavy precipitation and the wet seasons. Trail work took place in fall 2014 over a two week period with Hoots formalizing drainage swales and new water flow channels, clearing blockages built up from organic debris and dirt settlement, and rebuilding trail / water crossing areas with rock and packed dirt, alongside reinforcing trail edges, resetting / repairing bridge footings, and implementing drainage infrastructure.

Applying sustainable trail building techniques, the rehabilitation of Gear Jammer provides for durability and reduced maintenance so that users can continue enjoying the trail over the long term. Click on the following link to check out fun times on the trail with a local club rider!

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