Richmond Bike Park - Garden City Community Park, BC


In 2012, Jay worked with the City of Richmond and local youth (avid riders involved with a previous bike park that was removed for construction development), leading to an open house at City Hall the following year where public and youth were invited to provide input and ideas towards creation of a bike park design concept for future development.

Hoots carried out bike park construction in spring 2014 with the facility being located in the southwest corner of Garden City Community Park which also houses a renown playground, walking trails, arboretum, picnic area, lake and skateboard area alongside recreational facilities.

The bike park is bounded by residential and collector roads and built on less than 1 acre of land. Regardless, the facility offers a diversity of exciting jam-packed features and components including start / return deck with drop-ins, beginner to expert jump lines, pump tracks, and a variety of wood skills and balance features weaving amongst the trees. The finished bike park also strategically integrates a spectator area, picnic spot and naturalized areas providing for shade and buffering, alongside park elements and amenities for all users to enjoy.

Check out the action link to drone footage of local riders taking in the progressive jump lines while tots shred the pump tracks, all to the accompaniment of ruckus heavy metal music!

(photos courtesy of Hoots &

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