John Evdokimoff Park - White Lake, BC

Built in 2009, this community led bike park project was a great example of the dedication the locals have in this area. Determined to get this thing in the ground, they brought in Hoots Inc. to help with the design process and to eventually lead the park build with the help of the locals.

John Evdokimoff Bike Park

In memory to his dedication to the project, the bike park was officially dedicated and named the John Evdokimoff Park.

White Lake Bike Park

The locals were on hand to put together their ideas for what the park should be.

White Lake Bike Park

The local kids got steezy on the slopes during the initial site visit to scope things out.

Jay Hoots, White Lake

With the jumps built and a sweet back drop to boot, Jay Hoots made sure to test 'em out real good.

Drop Zone, White Lake

No bad view at this park, the drop zone has multiple progressions.White Lake Bike Park

Crisp jumps and a sweet skills area to the right, the John Evdokimoff Park is complete.

Pinkbike came out for a visit to see what Jay Hoots was up to, check out the video.

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